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May 2021 Review

May 31st, 2021

My first month in Atlanta has been a blast: I drove across the country, competed in my first races in 15 months, met some friends in person for the first time in a long time, and am writing this from Charleston where I’m spending Memorial Day!

I’m definitely enjoying the change of environment and pace; hopefully it’s not just a honeymoon period.

Goal Tracking

  • 🟡 Get 1% faster. I ran a FAT PR of 10.92 in my first race back, then 10.93 two weeks later. Unfortunately, it looks like Freelap times don’t translate to FAT+0.15: the difference seems more like 0.35 seconds. That said, those PRs were set after hard training weeks: I think I have a lot of headroom with a good peaking cycle and some minor technical cleanup.
  • 🔴 50% less discretionary spending. I expected to go red this month, and did. We’re buying lots of furniture, spending time in fancy hotels, and generally making our first month in Atlanta a month to remember. My spending this month was 215% of my average spending from last year.
  • 🟡 One hour of solitary free time a day. I’m still not doing a great job of tracking this, but my work-life balance has significantly improved since moving to Atlanta. I don’t start my workday until around 11AM, and I’ve managed to keep a strict end-of-work time of 7PM. That gives me plenty of time to myself on Tuesdays an Thursdays (when I’m not doubling up at the track and gym).
  • 🟡 Twice-weekly live conversations with friends. I haven’t really been focusing on this goal. Even so, I managed to hit it every week but this past one. Next month, I’ll pay more attention and get this back into the green!

Track & Fitness

  • I ran in three meets! Despite my times not being as fast as I’d hoped for, I’m grateful to be competing again.
  • My peak meet will be in late July, so I only have a month or so to get stronger before starting my extended taper.
  • It’s been weird to be in a gym with other people again. This one, the Forum Athletic Club, is really close to my apartment and has almost everything I need. Unfortunately, their hex bar only supports 405lbs, so I’ve had to swap out heavy hex bar deadlifts for squats and traditional deadlifting.



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