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October 2021 Review

October 31st, 2021

October was my first full month in Atlanta since May—but I still found a way to get out of town for a couple of weekends. We have more travel upcoming in November and December, which is exciting but also maybe a bit too much.

Goal Tracking

  • 🟡 Get 1% faster. I tweaked my hamstring—time will tell how long I’m out, but it seems certain that my training will be affected for at least a couple weeks.
  • 🔴 50% less discretionary spending. October’s discretionary spending was 19% under 2020’s average, buoyed by the couple travel weekends I had—a wedding in San Antonio, a weekend in Clayton, and upcoming travel to New York.
  • 🟡 One hour of solitary free time a day.
  • 🟡 Twice-weekly live conversations with friends.

Track & Fitness

  • I ran a couple Freelap-timed 150s in 16.82 and 16.85 (with 15 minutes in between). It’s an exciting preseason performance—the only comparable I have is a hand-timed 16.7 in college the season before I ran a 7.06 60m on a bum hamstring.
  • I strained my hamstring the week afterwards (yesterday). It seems pretty minor, but it’s still really frustrating to hit a roadblock after stringing together a few good months.
  • That’s two hamstring injuries, to the same leg, within a few months. Something clearly has to change—with technique, training, or both.



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