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Two Meet Reports

Two Meet Reports

5/8: Atlanta Track Club—Spring Track Meet #3

My first official meet in 15 months! It was absolutely phenomenal to compete again after months of solo work. Atlanta Track Club put together an extraordinarily well-organized masters-focused meet. Since they weren’t contesting the 200m, I only ran the 100m.

100m: 10.92 (+0.2)

The wind cooperated, turning in or favor right before our race. I was strong out of the blocks and probably had a lead for the first 20 meters. I wasn’t patient with my transition, however, and was fully upright before the 30m mark. By 50 meters, I’d lost my lead, and I had to grit through the last 20 meters. All that was enough, however, to run a FAT PR of 10.92!

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Some Notes On Solo Training

Be Patient.

Measureable improvement takes a long time. Don’t vaccilate between training methodologies. Instead, commit to a program for at least one full season before making strategic changes.

Listen to your body—don’t risk injury. The best ability is availability. It’s better to miss a couple reps at the end of a workout than to pop a hamstring and miss weeks or even months.

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Why Atlanta?

I drove across the country to my new home this weekend—Atlanta. Everyone I tell has the same reaction: why Atlanta? Here’s why:

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April 2021 Review

I’m writing this from Denver—I’m moving to Atlanta! We’re driving across the country with a car full of stuff. Packing and moving has reminded me just how much stuff I’ve accumulated. Even after a few car loads of donations, we’re still bringing a lot!

Goal Tracking

  • 🟢 Get 1% faster. I ran a 200m time trial early in the month at 22.02. This is a little slower than I’ve run previously, but it was into a nasty headwind. I also managed a PR in the 30m fly at 2.92.
  • 🟢 50% less discretionary spending. My spending in April has trended up, especially in the last couple of weeks, where I’ve been eating out with friends and on the road. That said, my total discretionary spending has still been 62% lower than my 2020 average spend!
  • 🔴One hour of solitary free time a day. I’m not doing well.
  • 🟢 Twice-weekly live conversations with friends. I managed another green month!
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