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Hey, I’m Jeff! I’m a software engineer and amateur sprinter living in Montana.

I studied computer science with a minor in human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, and graduated in May 2016. I’m currently an engineering manager at Vesta. For more details about my work life, check out my résumé.

I’ve been a runner for 15 years now, with a couple hiatuses in between. I competed for CMU; I was the captain of the track team and held the 60 meter school record. Since graduating, I’ve continued to train and compete. Here are my current personal bests:

  • 60m: 6.85i
  • 100m: 10.71 (-1.3)
  • 200m: 21.81i, 21.55 (-2.3)
  • 400m: 49.50 (Freelap timed)

I mostly write about engineering, sprinting, quantified self, and productivity. In my spare time, I advise both startups and athletes. Interested in some of those things? Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my email newsletter!