MiniPlay image

MiniPlay is a Chrome extension that adds a miniplayer popup and global keyboard shortcuts to popular streaming music players like Spotify and Google Play Music. It also provides scrobbling, rich notifications, and more.


µCal image

µCal is a tiny replacement for the macOS menubar clock. Includes a monthly calendar view, an icon containing the day of the month, and upcoming calendar events.


Espresso image

Espresso is a simple deep learning framework written the Halide image proessing language compatible with Caffe configuration files.


CLAHE image

An iPhone app implementing contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE) to improve contrast in low-light videos. Speedy enough (100+fps for 720p video) to incorporate into a real-time computer vision pipeline.


threadpool image

A lightweight header-only threadpool library for C++11 that offers more control than std::async while remaining simpler than manual thread management. threadpool automatically allocates and deallocates threads as necessary, handles any callable object (including lambdas and function objects), and can return futures from callables.