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Monthly Review - September 2020

October 1st, 2020

I’m going to Idaho for the month of October! The Bay Area feels disconnected in its COVID response from the rest of the country - I’m excited to find out if that’s true.

This month, I set some huge gym PRs & ran my last time trial of the track season. With the offseason upon me, I’m ready to start a strength & explosiveness block in the weight room.


Last time trial of the season - a huge 200m Freelap PR of 21.80!

  • video: “”

Also tested my gym maxes with a bunch of PRs:


  • I published my #roam/js and #roam/css themes to Github
  • Updated #[[save to roam]] for iOS14
  • #metrics
    • Dockerized webserver
    • Added a healthcheck


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