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Monthly Review - October 2020

November 1st, 2020

I’ve been in Boise all month! I’m enjoying my team here - I’ll make sure to write about my time here after I return home to California. This month, I’ve been really motivated to write - I’ve published 5 blogposts! Hopefully the habit sticks.

At work, I’m devoting about half my time to recruiting. Running several interviews a day is pretty stressful for an introvert like me. If you are or know a software engineer looking for work, help me out by checking out our job description here!


  • I’m dealing with what I suspect to be Athletic pubalgia - a sports hernia. I’ve had to cut back on both running and core work, but most weight room exercises seem to be OK.
  • I’ve been going to Axiom Parkcenter while I’m in Boise - it’s a pretty great gym (see Estimating Gym COVID Risk for evidence that gyms aren’t that risky right now)!



  • roam-restore - see this post for my motivation here
  • wasted-time
  • Pushed a bunch of changes to - some specifics include:
    • blog post pagination
    • installed Google Analytics
    • focused on Lighthouse metrics - improved my performance score from ~60->~90


This month, I started using Readwise, which will hopefully help me retain information that I read a little better. It also has a great Roam integration!






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