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June 2021 Review

June 30th, 2021

Just as I’ve settled into a pretty good groove in Atlanta, I spent the past few days driving across the country again, this time to Livingston, Montana where I’ll be spending the next two months! It’s the best time of year to be in Montana, and we absolutely loved it when we visited neighboring Wyoming last fall.

Goal Tracking

  • 🟡 Get 1% faster. I raced once in June—a 100 in a rainy 11.05. I only have one more chance this season to set a big PR, at the USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in a few weeks. I have my taper planned out—I’m confident that weather permitting, I’ll have some great races.
  • 🔴 50% less discretionary spending. I spent 22% less on discretionary things than my 2020 average. It’s been death by a thousand cuts—I’ve just been spending more on little things. Hopefully I do better in July.
  • 🔴 One hour of solitary free time a day. Despite my work-life balance being better than it’s been in a while, I haven’t been spending my extra time very wisely. Mostly it’s been mindless browsing.
  • 🟢 Twice-weekly live conversations with friends. Back into the green!

Track & Fitness

  • I have just about two weeks until my 10-day taper starts—I’m going to spend them building up a little more power, strength, and speed endurance.
  • I’ve introduced a couple variations into my program:
    • Ins-and-outs help me build speed endurance and help me feel what the second 50m of the 200 should feel like.
    • Heavy hang and power cleans in the weight room for more powerful block starts




I didn’t finish any books in June! I’m currently working through two books:

Track, Fitness, & Health

Software Engineering & Startups

Thinking & Productivity


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