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Monthly Review - August 2020

August 31st, 2020
  • This month, I’ve been really focused on work - we have a big launch coming very soon, so I’ve spent more hours than normal coordinating & building things for that.
  • To close my track “season”, I was able to run time trials in the 100/200/400 with lifetime PRs in all of them!


  • I set PRs in the standing long jump and 100m, equaled my PR in the 200m

    • Standing long jump: 3.16 meters - previous best of 3.12 set in Fall 2015
    • 100m: freelap-timed 10.92 - previous best of FAT 10.96 set October 2019
    • 200m: freelap-timed 22.10 - tied my FAT record
    • 400m: camera-timed 49.5 - previous open time was 51.27 in April 2016
  • Also had a few cool workouts:

    • set a flying 30m #freelap PR of 3.00 on [[August 3rd, 2020]], equaled it on [[August 14th, 2020]] and [[August 26th, 2020]]

    • 200@95%, 2m rest, 200@95%, 8m rest, 150@100%

      • 22.4
      • 23.9
      • 17.1
    • 325/120, 15m rest, 200/120

      • 325/120 38.6 16.1
      • 200/120 24.8 15.8
  • #[[weight room]]

    • Now that I’m re-acclimated to the weight room, I’m feeling pretty close to the end of linear gains. Since my weight room training is secondary to track workouts, I set up a super basic #[[weight room]] linear periodization with 4 week mesocycles. Hopefully this will let me continue to progress weight-wise while not burning out.
    • Two months of nordic hamstring curls have started to pay off: my hamstrings are noticeably stronger eccentrically!


  • #metrics
    • Upgraded deno version to 1.3 - this was surprisingly non-trivial because of breaking API changes from 1.0
  • Not much to speak of this month - Dragon Age has been eating up my already limited free time


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