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April 2021 Review

April 30th, 2021

I’m writing this from Denver—I’m moving to Atlanta! We’re driving across the country with a car full of stuff. Packing and moving has reminded me just how much stuff I’ve accumulated. Even after a few car loads of donations, we’re still bringing a lot!

Goal Tracking

  • 🟢 Get 1% faster. I ran a 200m time trial early in the month at 22.02. This is a little slower than I’ve run previously, but it was into a nasty headwind. I also managed a PR in the 30m fly at 2.92.
  • 🟢 50% less discretionary spending. My spending in April has trended up, especially in the last couple of weeks, where I’ve been eating out with friends and on the road. That said, my total discretionary spending has still been 62% lower than my 2020 average spend!
  • 🔴One hour of solitary free time a day. I’m not doing well.
  • 🟢 Twice-weekly live conversations with friends. I managed another green month!

Track & Fitness

  • I’m pushing 200 pounds, which is a little bit above my goal weight of 198. Moving to Atlanta probably won’t be great for my weight either…
  • Now that I’m in the way-more-open Southeast, I have a lot of track meets scheduled for May and June! I’m pumped to get out and compete again.
  • In my first squat session in over a year, I hit a PR of 385lbs!
  • I got vaccinated!



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Track & Fitness


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