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Meet Report: 2022 Sunset Summer Classic

June 6th, 2022

I concluded my track season at the Sunset Summer Classic in Marietta this past weekend. Although I intended to race both the 100 and 200, the meet was gargantuan and extremely late: I didn’t run the 100 until 8:45 PM (I’m usually in bed before 8:30)! Since the 200 wasn’t likely to go off before 11 PM or so, I skipped it.

100m: 10.81 (NWI)

  • There were 58 heats of the 100. I was in heat 58.
  • Naturally, I warmed up quite a bit too early—I was in a holding pattern for about 45 minutes watching heats in front of me run. I tried to stay loose, but I’m certain this was a factor in my time. My muscles were somewhat unresponsive in my practice start.
  • I think my start was better-executed than any other this year. My initial torso angle wasn’t too aggressive, I worked back well into the track, and I was patient in standing up.
  • By the time I was upright, I had gapped everybody else in the race, and ended up winning the race by 0.4 seconds. Had there been a closer competitor, I think I could have been pushed to a faster time—my upright phase felt smooth and relaxed to a fault.
  • Although there wasn’t an official wind measurement, we had a slight headwind all day, so I’m considering this race wind-legal.
  • 10.81 is my second-fastest wind-legal time ever. But it’s still a bit disappointing to have run my fastest time of the year in April and not June.

There’s still a very slight chance that I compete next weekend, so I’ll post some thoughts about my season as a whole either later this week or next.

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