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Bay Area Open Tracks

November 13th, 2020
Bay Area Open Tracks

Last updated 12/1/2020

It’s getting harder to find tracks to run on in the Bay Area. Here’s a list of what’s open (and what’s not):


  • Kezar Stadium - San Francisco
    • Kezar is a beautiful track - but often pretty crowded with unaware joggers and PTs. I’ve had a few near misses here!
  • Cubberly Community Center - Palo Alto
    • This track has lanes but no distance markings, which makes precise workouts hard.
  • Acalanes High School - Lafayette
    • Open on weekends and on weekdays until 7:30AM and after 3:30PM
  • Las Lomas High School - Walnut Creek
    • Open on weekends and on weekdays until 7:30AM and after 3:30PM

Maybe Open

These are tracks that I’ve heard may be open, but haven’t checked myself.

  • Someone at Acalanes told me that all of the high schools in the school district are open: Campolindo High, Las Lomas, and Miramonte High
  • Ruth Asawa School of the Arts - San Francisco
  • San Ramon Valley High in Danville had people on the track this past weekend, but the school appears to be closed and locked down most of the time.


  • All Pleasanton USD schools: Amador Valley and Foothill High
  • All San Ramon Valley USD schools: Cal High, San Ramon Valley High, Dougherty Valley, Monte Vista
  • Stanford University

If you know of other tracks that are open or closed in the Bay, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

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